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Why You Should Tint Your Business

Window tint isn’t just for your vehicles, protecting you from harmful UV rays anywhere light may be able to shine in. Even when you can’t see or feel it, UV light rays can damage your skin as well as damage furniture and products that are exposed over time. Not only does tinting your windows protect your health, it also can protect your inventory or other materials you may want privacy or security for. At Legends Auto Styling we offer different levels of tint, some making it near impossible to see through, making it so that you have as much privacy as you wish.

Lower Your Electricity Bills

Cut down the amount of heat coming through the windows of your business to help cut down the cost of air conditioning, lowering your electric bills.

Protect Your Inventory

Using privacy glass protects your business and inventory from people peeking into the windows if desired.

Add Security & Safety

Give your commercial building a new level of security with our top tier security film and safety glass options.